RAG – Raise And Give at TeenStreet 2022

This year all of the money raised will be donated and split between three projects:

Hope and a future to malnourished children in Afghanistan

In August 2021 the lives of millions of Afghans were turned upside down by the sudden and unexpected take-over by the Taliban. Many people are losing hope, and some are making desperate efforts to keep their families alive. Over 1 million children in Afghanistan are expected to be at risk of death from malnutrition this year. This is why our partner NGO has started a project to serve two poor urban communities where malnourished children will be admitted into a treatment program and receive special food sachets that will keep them from dying, give them energy and enable their minds to continue to develop well. Children who receive help will not only regain their health and have a chance at life, but will also have energy to go to school, to grow mentally and socially.

Teens from Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has meant that many people have fled their country. Many of these people are teenagers, and as TeenStreet we want to share the love of God with them and provide an opportunity for them to find hope for the future, and peace despite their current circumstances. That's why we have invited the teens from Ukraine to TeenStreet this year, and in faith we decided to support them financially, to come or to be able to do their own TeenStreet in the future. Our prayer is that they will have an encounter with the Father this summer, and leave feeling refreshed, encouraged and empowered to share the love of Jesus with those around them. The money raised will support Ukranian teens and volunteers for this summer and for the coming years... 

Supporting Teens around the World

Throughout the years we have seen how TeenStreet has impacted teens in Europe, and how they have been impacting their environment and beyond. We also want to see teens in other parts of the world grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, to have a spiritual impact and to reach out with the love of Jesus in their own country. We believe this is possible through TeenStreet and we dream of growing and starting new TeenStreet around the world, so that teens in these countries really can make a difference.