Raise and Give (Μάζεψε και Δώσε) είναι ο έρανος του TeenStreet.

RAG is the fundraiser at TeenStreet. Before and during each TeenStreet we raise funds to support a good cause that has a positive impact on youth in Europe and beyond. We also want to offer you a framework after TeenStreet to take advantage of the opportunities to continue raising money and supporting others. 

You can be a part of RAG no matter where you come from or what you are good at. We will create opportunities for everyone to raise money. 

 Participate in one of 3 categories: 

RAG Race

  • Run for good: Run (or walk) the RAG Race at TeenStreet and we will track your laps. Find sponsors ahead of time that will be willing to sponsor you for each lap you run (or walk), or donate a fixed amount. Sign up via this website and enter the details of the sponsors you have found. 

  • If you don't want to run yourself, you can also collect sponsors before TeenStreet to support other runners. 


  • Bring things like clothes, smartphones, DVDs, old toys or anything else that you don't need anymore to TeenStreet and we’ll sell it at our own flea market. All the money will go directly to RAG. 
  • Bring all your books you (or your family) don’t need anymore to TeenStreet and we’ll send them to a recycling/reselling company in return for money. 

Helping hands 

  • For those who aren’t able or don't want to run: We need a lot of helping hands directly on RAG Race day. We will have different options to raise money without running. You will get more information about that at TeenStreet!

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Οι χορηγοί μου

Αυτή η ιστοσελίδα σου επιτρέπει να π-αρακολουθείς και να εισάγεις τα δεδομένα ανθρώπων που σε υποστηρίζουν στον αγώνα RAG στο TeenStreet.

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Αυτή η σελίδα σου επιτρέπει να έχεις πρόσβαση και να παρακολουθείς αυτόν/αυτήν που υποστηρίζεις στον αγώνα RAG στο TeenStreet.

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